On this page you can listen to all the episodes from the first series of Cassette as broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM. Visit the about page for more info about the show.

I’m recording the second series of Cassette now, and hoping to broadcast in the autumn, follow @cassettetweets on twitter for updates.

► The report of my death was an exaggeration (click to listen) Volume 1, Side A. Originally broadcast Sa 7 Apr 2012 4pm (rptd Th 12 Apr 10.30pm). More info >>

Mix Tape (click to listen) Volume 1, Side B. Originally broadcast Sa 14 Apr 2012 4pm (rptd Th 19 Apr 10.30pm) More info >>

Driving Tapes (click to listen)Volume 2.Originally broadcast Sa 21 Apr 2012 4pm (rptd Th 26 Apr 10.30pm) More info >>

► Discoveries (click to listen) Volume 3. Originally broadcast Sa 28 Apr 2012 4pm (rptd Th 3 May 10.30pm) More info >>

A side B side (click to listen) Volume 4. Originally Broadcast Sa 5 May 4pm (rptd Th 10 May 10.30pm) More info >>

► Technology (click to listen) Volume 5. Originally broadcast Sa 12 May 4pm (rptd Th 17 May 10.30pm) More info >>